A Great Way to Improve Your Business Image

How to Make an Awesome First Impression for About a Buck.

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As cliche as it may sound, you only get one chance to make a first impression, and if you blow that initial opportunity, then you just might not get second chance. Companies invest tens of thousands (and in some cases, millions) of dollars creating and branding their image hoping to set themselves apart. They’ll buy billboards, support local community events, run massive email campaigns, and just about anything that may have a lasting effect to having consumers think of them the next time they need their products or services. While those things are crucial when it comes to successful marketing, they don’t serve as a standalone solution to building a positive first impression of a business.

Have you considered where the first impression of your company really comes from? If you guessed your sales staff, then you might only be right part of the time. In many cases, the first impression  someone gets of your business actually comes from the individual that picks up the telephone to answer the that call. That can be the receptionist, the receptionist, you, or just about anyone that represents the business. Perhaps you have a person in place to answer your phones in a friendly way as they fully assist your callers. And that’s great! But what happens to that first impression when the person designated to answer calls is busy or a potential customer dials your company after hours or on weekends when nobody is available?

What does your voice mail say about your company?

Let’s address the question backwards. Assume a caller needed a service like yours, but called a competitor first and that call was made at 8:00 pm, over the weekend, or even at midnight. Next, assume that upon making this call after normal business hours that a live, friendly receptionist cheerfully answers the call, addresses the callers questions, takes a message and assures the customer that the call will be returned promptly.

Following that call, assume that the same caller decides to do a little price shopping and your number is dialed next. They are greeted with your digital voice mail recording. Let’s pretend that they actually leave you a message. Side note: Only about 20% of callers who reach a voice mail actually leave a message. So here’s the question, based on those initial first impressions, which company looks bigger and more capable? Which company seems ready to take care of the callers needs? Which company left the best first impressions? And lastly which company do you really think gets the business?

Sadly, many companies do not realize that there is a simple and extremely affordable solution to making sure they leave callers with a great first impression so that they can win more business. For around a buck per call, organizations are able to have their calls answered 24×7 by a live remote receptionist. Callers get the impression that they are being assisted by your company’s on-site employee that is fully knowledgeable of the business and they leave the call with a great impression feeling like their needs were met.

Here is the kicker, you know that company that had all those calls answered live in the above example? Odds are, they us a telephone answering service.

In days past it was obvious when we reached the answering service for a company, primarily because technology did not allow the service to know which client the call was for, resulting in the old school answering phrase “Answering service, may I help you?

Today’s technology allows for answering calls in your own companies name, personalized call scripting, on call rosters, appointment setting and more all with a fully branded approach that is sure to create positive impressions of your business.

MAP Communications encourages you to try it before you buy it by inviting you to a free, no obligation trial to discover for yourself all of the amazing benefits a live answering service can offer. To test drive the service today, simply call 1.888.252.6555 or Visit our Free Answering Service Trial Page.

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