Benefits of Having a Bilingual Virtual Receptionist

bilingual virtual receptionistClear communication is at the heart of every great customer experience. Without open lines of communication, customers and staff alike may grow frustrated, confused, and eager to end the conversation. While you might offer stellar communication in English, our nation is growing increasingly diverse. Fail to speak with customers in their preferred language and you may find they take their business elsewhere.

If you’re hoping to open the lines of communication and go beyond basic English language offerings, a bilingual virtual receptionist is the solution. These professionals can transform your organization into one of clarity and professionalism. The ability to communicate equally well with any customer is growing increasingly important. These receptionists offer a wealth of benefits that support customer satisfaction and overall business growth.

Increase Your Reach with a Remote Bilingual Receptionist

Perhaps the most obvious advantage to working with a bilingual virtual receptionist is the increased capacity for communication with customers of diverse backgrounds. Our nation grows more and more diverse with each passing year. 2020 census data reveals that the number of Hispanic Americans grew 23 percent over the last decade. Other groups saw large increases, too. If your business is hoping to communicate with callers of all backgrounds, it’s time to invest in a partnership with a bilingual call center.

With more than 41 million Spanish speakers living in the United States, failure to adapt to this changing market could mean that your business is left behind. Callers who dial in expecting to speak Spanish may be disappointed to learn your organization does business in English only. In many cases, they’ll simply dial up your competition in lieu of trying to translate their message. The term language barrier is apt – instead of creating barriers customers must overcome, why not offer them services in their language?

To find long term success in business, it’s important to tap into the entire community. By catering to the unique needs of your customers, bilingual virtual receptionists bridge the gap between the kind of service you’re currently offering and the service you only dream of providing. There are few better investments you can make into the longevity of your organization than a partnership with such professionals. 

How a Bilingual Virtual Receptionist Saves You Money

Bringing in a new in-house receptionist can be expensive – especially if they’re bilingual. The average receptionist makes about $28,000. They’ll also need to be outfitted with a workspace, equipment, and other tools. Plus, you’ll also need to cover their benefits and pay them for time off. The overhead alone can be enough to spoil any plans you had to hire a new in-house employee.

Hiring a bilingual virtual receptionist is a much smarter investment. They’re trained and ready to work from the moment you decide to partner with an answering service. You’ll also pay less by the hour. Should one virtual receptionist need a day off, another can step into their shoes seamlessly. It’s a setup that’s as versatile as it is convenient for all parties involved. Best of all, you’ll save money on the expenses that so often accompany the hiring process. 

Remote Bilingual Receptionist Availability

Another key benefit of working with remote bilingual receptionists? Their availability. When you partner with an answering service, you’ll be served by an entire team of professionals who speak English and Spanish. The team can work around the clock to chat with callers on a timeline that works best for their busy lives. While front office receptionists traditionally only work from nine to five, remote receptionist teams can cover the phones as frequently as you’d like. 

This increased availability often translates into better sales figures. Callers don’t like leaving voicemails, and they often opt to hang up and dial your competition when they can’t reach your team. Do away with your automated messaging services and find a bilingual call center to support your needs instead. By guaranteeing that there’s a friendly, resourceful voice at the end of the line, you set your customers up for the best call experience possible.

Cultivate Customer Loyalty with a Bilingual Virtual Receptionist

While we might expect businesses to offer bilingual receptionist services these days, the reality is that it is still a novelty in much of the country. When a Spanish speaker finds a company that offers communications in both Spanish and English, they often experience feelings of relief, excitement, and appreciation. There’s nothing more powerful than being understood. Offering bilingual services can be enough to foster serious customer loyalty

People aren’t likely to forget their experiences with a bilingual remote receptionist service. In fact, they’re likely to share what they’ve learned from your business with friends and family. A single conversation in a person’s native language can be enough to spur them on to recommend your service to their community. Word of mouth recommendations can be incredibly effective. By cultivating customer loyalty, you create raving fans who spread your gospel to the world.

How MAP Communications Helps Grow Your Business

Don’t let bilingual receptionist duties fall off of your priorities list. Instead, allow MAP Communications to step in and clarify communications. Our team of talented virtual receptionists are passionate about customer service, bringing enthusiasm and resourcefulness to every conversation. By partnering with our team, you’ll gain access to new markets, cultivate customer loyalty, and increase the number of word of mouth referrals you receive. By establishing your organizations as welcoming and professional, you’ll undoubtedly see an ROI increase.

In-house bilingual receptionists can command hefty salaries. Virtual receptionist services, on the other hand, are affordable and adjustable. Need extra support during your busy season? MAP Communications can help out for a week, a month, a year – or however long you might need. If you’re curious about our offerings and how they can transform the way you communicate with customers of all backgrounds, sign up for our free trial. Just one week with MAP can demonstrate the power of our bilingual virtual receptionists

Benefits of Having a Bilingual Virtual Receptionist
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Benefits of Having a Bilingual Virtual Receptionist
Today, it is essential for businesses to be able to serve customers of different languages. So let's take a look at the biggest advantages for hiring a bilingual virtual receptionist.
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