Live call handled by a MAP virtual receptionist for one of our clients in the education field:

Transcript of this live call between a prospective student and our education answering service agent:

Agent: Thank you for calling Rolling Mount University. Are you calling for information on our programs?

Caller: Yeah, I got your flyer in the mail. I’d like to learn more about your accounting program if possible.

Agent: Sure, I’ll try and connect you with one of our admissions representatives. May I have your first name please?

Caller: Thomas.

Agent: And the spelling of you last name please?

Caller: Petrie. It’s P like Peter, E, T like Tom, O, R, I, E.

Agent: Thank you. In the event we get disconnected, may I have your telephone number?

Caller: It’s 719-627-0884.

Agent: And may I have your zip code please?

Caller: 80901.

Agent: And that’s in Colorado Springs, Colorado?

Caller: Yes.

Agent: Alright. May I have your street address?

Caller: It’s 11 Cleveland Street, apartment B.

Agent: And may I have your email address please?

Caller: I’d rather not give it.

Agent: No problem, Mr. Petrie. Thank you very much for your information. Please hold for a moment while I connect you with the admissions department.

Caller: Thank you.

Agent: You’re welcome. Have a great day!