Top Five Things Customers Care About

Customer CareWhether you’re a small, startup business in your community or a large corporation with offices in multiple locations, you know how important customer engagement is for the company’s growth and long-term success. This means that you need to pay attention to what your customers want when they are talking with you or otherwise engaging with your company.

Some businesses try to manage all their incoming calls by designating just one person to answer the phone and cross-training a few other employees to take over when the receptionist is out to lunch or sick. When too many calls come in at once, though, a company runs the risk of losing business to competitors if no one is there to answer.

Relying on voicemail just won’t do in this day and age. People expect an immediate response to their questions 24/7/365. If two companies are relatively the same in terms of goods and services offered, you can see how a customer would prefer to go with one over another because of the round-the-clock availability to speak with someone.

With that in mind, here are the top five things that customers care about. Make sure you are meeting their needs and desires and you will have a better chance of keeping their business for the long term.

  1. Quick Answers

Customers hate it when companies give them the runaround. They don’t want to call in, only to be bounced around from one person to the next until the right person is found to answer their questions.

When you outsource with a phone answering service or a call center, such as through a company like MAP Communications, you can provide all the information required to let them answer questions on your company’s behalf, which will drastically speed up conversions.

  1. Always Pleasant 

Given a choice, customers will naturally prefer working with pleasant employees who are enthusiastic, helpful and full of good cheer while always maintaining a professional decorum.

Customers want to deal with companies that don’t make them feel rushed and that will go the extra mile to satisfy them.

  1. Availability

To provide the best possible service to all your customers, live representatives should be available around the clock. You never know when someone will want to place an order in the middle of the night or require help with your product outside of your normal office hours.

Imagine a motivated customer contacting your company, only to hear the phone ringing and ringing with no answer or being disappointed when the call goes to an unhelpful voicemail box that indicates they will get a response within 24 hours, or something to that effect.

It’s also important to keep in mind that 24-hour availability won’t mean much if the people answering calls do not speak the same language as the customers calling in. This is why so many companies choose to go with answering service and call service centers that are courteous enough to maintain bilingual employees on staff, to ensure they can address questions from non-English speaking customers.

  1. Organized for Follow-up

You can tell you are working with someone who takes customer satisfaction seriously when they hand over a business card upon greeting you. A clever business card will have the company’s logo and branding details, along with multiple ways to contact the employee (phone, email, website).

Handing out a business card shows preparation and that the company is organized to deal with follow-up questions. You and all employees who deal with customers in person should have personalized business cards to demonstrate professionalism and a commitment to keep the lines of communication open.

  1. Competence

Customers notice whether employees are on top of their game or if they are faking it. They want to deal with competent professionals who take their time and business seriously by knowing details about the company and industry.

You can provide your call center service with important facts about your business, goods and services. That way, when customer’s calls reach the answering service or call center, the employees there will be able to respond intelligently to questions and take orders or at least requests for more information from your sales team.

It’s clear that most companies would benefit from forming a partnership with a professional, live answering service that provides non-stop service every day of the year. The more available you are to customers, the greater chance you have of making more sales or signing people up for recurring services.

At MAP Communications, our courteous professionals make it their mission to provide the highest level of customer service. To demonstrate this, they offer a free 7-day trial so you can see for yourself how valuable 7/24/365 call center and answering services can be for your business. For more information or to get started with new service, please contact MAP Communications today.

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