Business Owners’ Guide to Success for Small Business Saturday 2020

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Nestled between the hustle and bustle of Black Friday and the online frenzy that is Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday is a relatively new – but no less exciting – shopping event. Celebrated for the first time in 2010, the day helps attract business to small and locally-owned companies. It’s an excellent annual reminder that small businesses are the backbone of many of our local communities. By offering shoppers great deals and opportunities to make holiday purchases locally, people can spend and support the businesses within their communities. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Whether you’re new to Small Business Saturday or a seasoned veteran of the event, this guide can help small business owners make the most of the big day!

What is Small Business Saturday?

It was created to help celebrate small businesses and put the spotlight on local companies that often get drowned out by the big box stores during this time of year. It also draws attention to the impact that these small businesses have on the economy and our communities. Shoppers love Small Business Saturday, as it highlights many unique products and storefronts that might otherwise slip under the radar. In-store experiences, giveaways, and sales add further incentive for local shoppers to stop by and check things out.

So just when is Small Business Saturday? This year, it will be held Saturday, November 28. That gives small business owners plenty of time to craft the perfect strategy for enticing both new and repeat customers into their stores.

How to Have a Successful Small Business Saturday

Success looks different to each individual business. Depending on your offerings, the amount of space you have in store, and your customer base, there are many ways to achieve success on Small Business Saturday. Whether you host an event (maybe a virtual one this year), offer a tempting sale, or embrace a special theme for the day, you’re sure to find opportunities for success.

When deciding to structure your Small Business Saturday event, consider your priorities as a company. Are you hoping to earn new customers? Maybe you’re hoping to increase sales or clear out old inventory. Perhaps you want to spread awareness of your business so that more people know about you. By clarifying your goals for the season, you can set more specific parameters for your definition of success on Small Business Saturday.

As you decide on which strategies to try, make sure to factor your own limitations into the equation. If you’re short on staff or don’t have the budget to pass along savings to your customers, you may want to employ a social media campaign instead of hosting a blowout sale. By keeping your goals in alignment with your bandwidth, you’ll ensure your company and your team have a successful Small Business Saturday.

Tips for Small Business Owners

Check with your local Chamber of Commerce to see what sorts of Small Business Saturday support they’re offering. Many groups offer low-cost advertising opportunities in local publications. Even simply adding your name to a list of local businesses participating in the event can attract new eyes to your storefront.

One of the main benefits of Small Business Saturday is the opportunity to connect with new customers. You may want to center your Small Business Saturday efforts around catering to new clientele. This can mean offering a special discount to first timers, extending sales to repeat customers who bring a new friend in to shop, or creating a new customer loyalty program to reward those who return to make a purchase in the next month.

Be sure to alert your existing customer base of any plans you have for Small Business Saturday. This can come in the form of a social media post, an email newsletter, or even a sign out in front of your store. Getting the word out about your event is half the battle!

Pro tip: Partner with other local businesses for joint initiatives to drive more awareness, traffic, and sales!

Adding Value on Small Business Saturday and Beyond

Getting a personal touch and a human connection are some of the biggest benefits of shopping at small businesses. While your customers may be able to turn to big corporations to meet their needs, they opt to shop locally and support mom and pop businesses because of that sense of community. As you craft your Small Business Saturday event, consider how to further connect shoppers with your company.

For instance, if you own a small beauty supply store, you might want to offer a free pass to an upcoming makeup tutorial class with any purchase on Small Business Saturday. Small pet stores may want to do the same with obedience courses or grooming treatments. If there’s a chance for you to connect with your customers and entice them back to your store in the future, Small Business Saturday is the perfect opportunity to try out this strategy.

Get Help Crafting the Perfect Customer Experience

Preparing for Small Business Saturday can be stressful if you don’t have enough support behind the scenes. MAP Communications offers professional call answering services for small businesses. Allow us to cover the phones while you forge connections with your community on Small Business Saturday and beyond. As you work to craft the ideal customer experience in person, we’ll ensure you never miss a call.

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