5 Ways to Put a Positive Spin on Negative Feedback

Social media is a powerful tool for connecting with customers and fans of your brand, but what happens when your “likes” get soured with negative complaints? With so many opportunities to send negative feedback via social media and review sites, there seem to be countless ways to ignore the age old advice about keeping quiet… Read more »

Make the Most of Your Staff’s Time With an Answering Service

Free Up Calendars And Make the Most of Your Staff’s Time With an Answering Service When you’re managing a company, your staff members are your most valuable assets. However, many managers misuse this vital commodity by frequently having staff focus on tasks that are not as important to the ongoing success of the company, or on… Read more »

Anticipating Your Customer Needs

When you are running your business, you want to create the most exceptional experience for your customers so they will purchase more products and services over and over again. Yet how do you anticipate and recognize their needs? Conducting surveys and talking to them in person can open the doors of communication, yet you still… Read more »

6 Ways to Learn about Your Customers

Sometimes, as a business owner, you get so focused on the profits at the end of the sale day that you often forget to think about your customers. You fail to understand what is drawing the customer to your products and services. You also lose sight on what the person values about your company as… Read more »

Pros & Cons of Telecommuting for Your Business

Mention the word, “telecommuting,” and it conjures up images of employees dressed in pajamas lounging around in a cozy nook of their homes. With a hot cup of coffee in one hand and their laptop sitting on the nearby table, they furiously type away on keyboards, Skype with clients during web conferences, and get their… Read more »

Creative Ways to Say Thank You to Your Customers

If it wasn’t for your wonderful customers, you wouldn’t have made it through your first unsteady year of business operations or gotten through the turbulent sales periods as you grew your company. They were there for the good and the bad times. Your business has, time and time again, benefited from the customers’ orders and… Read more »

10 Apps to Make You More Efficient

Life gets hectic, and it never seems as if you have enough hours in your day to be productive enough to get all your tasks done. You end up getting partway done and then having twice as much to do the next day. Having a better way to complete your tasks and to simply make… Read more »

5 Digital Marketing Tactics You Need to Implement

If you conduct the bulk of your sales over the phone, investing time and energy into digital marketing may seem counterintuitive at first, but the link between websites, mobile devices, and inbound calls has never been clearer. Here are 5 digital marketing tips to get you up to speed and get more people calling your… Read more »

Incentivizing your Employees

Creating an incentive program for your employees can boost morale, increase productivity, and make a major impact on both sales and customer relationships. But leader beware, using a one-size-fits-all approach won’t cut it when it comes to creating a truly powerful program that will actually get your employees feeling empowered and motivated to get the… Read more »